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In the late 1950's Win Halstead took over a small art and craft shop in Huddersfield called "George Fox Arts and Crafts". In the mid 1960's her daughter, Carol, and son-in-law Keith Baggs, took over the business and renamed it Arts and Crafts. Keith began offering a picture framing service, which he would do from his cellar at home, but such was the demand that in 1970 a small workshop was found and a new company was formed to offer picture framing services to the trade - taking the A and C from "Arts and Crafts", AC Framing was born. 

The company framed for local artists and businesses and then began an agency bespoke framing service operating throughout the North. Eventually the company began offering a  range of framed prints to the retailers they were framing for, and in the 1980's they began publishing their own artists.

Nowadays the company still offers agency framing, as well as all manner of framing services to the trade, printing, art sourcing services, and much more.

The photo above shows the Arts and Crafts shop in the late 1960's/ early 1970's - the shop to the right is where the gallery is now located (back then it was a gift and furnishings shop).

In the late 1980's Mike (Keith & Carols son) joined the company and he now runs the business from their 5000 sq.ft workshop just outside Huddersfield town centre. Below you can see Mike enjoying an ice cream as a very young lad with his Grandma, Win, who started it all, and also with his parents, Keith and Carol.









Carol left the business some years ago and Keith only retired from day to day to day involvement in his early 80's - in November 2022 he will be 90! He is still involved as he is the company's chief restorer, having restored, cleaned and rebuilt numerous works of art and frames over the years!

Mike is the main point of contact for the company and is very much hands on. Away from work Mike is all about family and loves spending time with his wife, 2 sons and 2 young grand-children (who he admits have him wrapped round their little fingers!). He can also be found coaching rugby, as seen below, part of a lifelong association with his local club.



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